Current Job Openings

  • Chemist – All Levels
  • Sales – Client Service Specialists
  • Microbiologist – Senior Level
    • Evaluating the qualifications of microbiologist on a continuing basis as appropriate
    • Keeping organized, neat and available current controlled copies of the SOPs
    • Making certain that personnel read and understand SOPs and those personnel do not perform procedures until they have been fully trained.
    • Responsible for ensuring compliance with GMP and other international standards in conjunction with QA
    • Participating in all training programs provided to them
    • Proficient in industrial microbiological test methods as per USP (Microbial Limits USP <61> & <62>; Antibiotic Assays <81>, AET <51>, Sterility <51>, Endotoxin <85> and Environmental Monitoring ISO 14664)
  • Analytical Chemist (2 x openings) in North Brunswick, NJ:
    • Perform analytical method development & validation in compliance with CGMP and GLP requirements, routine sample analysis.
    • Identify and troubleshoot critical parameters.
    • Maintain R&D analytical lab.
    • Req.: Master’s degree/equiv. in Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacy or related, with advanced knowledge of analytical chemistry, excellent lab and organizational skills;
    • Familiar with analytical instruments (UV, IR, HPLC, GC, Dissolution apparatus) and analytical data acquisition software ( Empower, Chemstation).
    • Send resume to Advanced Analytical Testing Laboratories Inc., 525 Milltown Rd, Suite 403-404, North Brunswick, NJ 08902

If interested, please submit resume to: