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Advanced Analytical Testing Laboratories, Inc.

30 Silverline Drive, First Floor
North Brunswick, NJ 08902
Tel: 732-253-7373 x111
Fax: 732-253-7371

Shipping samples

  1. To order testing, ship samples to the above address along with a completed Sample Submission Form. You can use the Online Sample Submission Form. If this is not possible, we will be glad to mail, e-mail, or fax print copies of our Sample Submission Form at your request.
  2. You can either complete the form electronically before printing or print the blank form and complete by hand.
  3. To ensure prompt service, please:
    1. Complete all information requested on the Sample Submission Form
    2. Contact us in advance with regards to questions concerning sample size and/or quantity, shipping, etc. Feel free to call us (732)-253-7373 or email us: